We, Kırkıncıoğlu Group, have realized our dream of becoming a brand by believing and fighting for the values that we believe in and working hard. We have never compromised on honesty which is an essential element for our family and our employees, which are a part of our family.

Knowing that the key to success is treating our customers as guests and our employees sensitively, we are happy to carry our key values to today and continue to develop them constantly as a company competing throughout the country.

In our ever-growing world successful initiatives need to use enthusiasm, determination, leadership and marketing skills all together in an even matter. The whole investment world agrees that all of the successful initiatives place importance on research and development, use its financial resources efficiently, have experts in their own fields and give importance to the human resources. Our entrepreneurial spirit and the fact that we have managed to use those skills evenly play an important role in our company's fast growth and its current success.

Our educated and talented managerial staff among with our experienced employees manages to reflect our corporate identity to our target audience by bringing together customer satisfaction centered service mentality with its knowledge and experience. As a corporation that cares for the country's economy and employment, we are determined to keep investing in all of the sectors in which we are active and become more successful.

Yours truly,

General Director
Abdullah Kırkıncıoğlu