Kırkıncıoğlu Group continues to build high quality living spaces with Kırkıncıoğlu İnşaat and DAFF Yapı companies since 1942.

Kırkıncıoğlu Construction which has started its business operations in 1942 with hotel construction and management in Erzurum has constructed houses, schools, hotels, dormitories and plazas for more than half a century. Whenever it constructs, it makes high standards become normal life standards by satisfying undiscovered expectations. Kırkıncıoğlu Construction continues to build high quality living spaces designed for both today and the future.

Daff Construction which we have created through our deep experience in the sector started its business operations to build high quality constructions with its innovative and path-breaking projects in Ankara. The project "Enda Konakları" brings together modern house experience with residential comfort and high-tech smart home systems. The project, which is far from the crowd of the city, but still located close to the city center offers high quality lifestyle and pastoral life opportunities at the same time. Daff Construction will continue to be subject of new success stories and to produce new projects by protecting its sense of work built on focusing, differentiation, innovation and sustainability with the power that comes from its long standing background.